Because there is no way to formally introduce myself with a name like The Misc Etc, this will be very miscellaneous and the etcetera will come in later on– (insert 1980s sitcom studio audience laughter).

Heyyyyyyyyy people!  I’m Dj or Deej or D-Jizzle (it all applies).  You ever think about doing something epic, but don’t have the specifics on exactly what you want to do?  You just KNOW that you were meant to do something amazing?  That’s where I am and for this New Year, I’m determined to figure out what that thing/those things is/are.
So I thought, hey why not just talk about whatever I want on any given day?  I have interests and wacky things that happen to me all the time and you know what?  That’s how everyone’s life is.  It’s not content driven.  It’s not a scheduled calendar of topics and anecdotes that will appear once or twice a week based on subscribers, readers, and viewers.  So why in the sam-hell (yea I said it!) should I make my blog that way? You agree or naw?  I’ll talk about what I want to talk about, WHEN I want to discuss it and I hope you hop in and come along for the ride!

At the end of the day, the main person guiding you should be you!

Always stay Misc Etc,



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